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Cotton & Cashmere #1

NM 2/50 – NE 30/2

85% Cotone Egitto Giza 86 EXAR | Egyptian Cotton EXAR Giza 86 15% Cashmere | Cashmere


Dalla ricerca Filmar nasce Cotton&Cashmere, mix perfetto tra il soffice cotone egiziano, GIZA 86 Exar, e la fibra nobile per eccellenza, il cashmere, il Cotton&Cashemere con la sua mano morbida e vellutata, avvolge il corpo in un caldo abbraccio offrendo un piacevole comfort. From the Filmar research team, in pursuit of excellence, comes Cotton&Cashmere. The cashmere is gathered by clipping and manual combing. From the fleece of the Hircus goats we only select the duvet, i.e. the undercoat which is the softest and woolliest layer.


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