Since 1958 Filmar has been passionately seeking out the best ways for producing and finishing high quality cotton yarns. Since the day of our foundation, quality and technological innovation, combined with sustainable development and ethics, have been the cornerstones of Filmar’s business. We are committed to sustainable development and to the enhancement of a more responsible fashion. We are therefore actively contributing to supporting the achievement of the global development goals.

We have defined our business models and our production chain to ensure social inclusiveness. We are committed to guarantee that benefits and returns are shared among the company, the communities involved and the stakeholders of the textile supply chain and fashion in general. To this regard, Filmar Spa has launched the Cottonforlife initiative to sustain and promote organic cultivation of Egyptian cotton. With the Cottonforlife initiative, we aim to promote a valuable model for creating an ethical, transparent and completely environmental-friendly production chain.



We produce and sell high quality yarns for the best brands in the world. We select precious raw materials and transform them with innovative production systems that respect the environment , people and their health . We ensure the market timeliness and flexibility of response thanks to the digitalization of our processes and services . We add talent and creativity to create products of excellence intended to please and last over time.



Our vision is to advance sustainability of fashion brands’ products by collaborating with the upstream and downstream companies of our supply chain through innovative business model. We aim at communicating to the end users a new way to do fashion business.


Here’s some figures that summarize the activity of Filmar Network in Italy and Egypt.

  • 60 years of experience
  • 46.000 sq.m. of production area
  • 4.000 colours in stock service
  • 4,5 mil kg of yarn yearly
  • 600 employees
  • 57 mil € in 2019



Filmar Network is the synergetic effort of two industrial groups (Filmar, Filmar NileTextile) producers of highest quality cotton yarns.
Filmar Nile Textile is based in Egypt since 2006. A vertically integrated and inclusive business model that connects the agricultural activities developed by Egyptian farmers in over 100 hectares of land in the delta of the Nile, to the industrial spinning and dyeing of cotton carried out in Filmar Nile Textile in Borg el Arab near Alexandria of Egypt.

The best quality cotton in fact originates from here, where the silt and water of the “great river” make this land extremely fertile. Cotton plants prosper thanks to the combination of the river water, the hot Egyptian sun and the dry climate of the nearby desert areas. It is the same water of the Nile, along with the salt of the nearby Medi­terranean, which is used by Filmar for finishing the raw material.